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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: March Wishlist beauty product favorite ( collection)

March Wishlist
 Beauty Product favorite

hello everyone, i come back again to write something on my blog..
topic about today is March wishlist beauty product favorite..

start by randomly searching for the nice hair extension on youtube
and i found this video... really nice colour and also easy to use..
why im looking for hair extension?
because i wish i can have that hair extension to wear for my graduation this year :3 <3
but i have no idea which hair extension is good and also comfortable to wear on..

my honest personally opinion is:
i see there is still no a good hair clip market in Indonesia especially in Jakarta..
they just bring you higher price with no quality..
and thats so terrible...

so suddenly i start by surfing on
and falling in love with this hair clip <3

curly dark brown
or click here to see more detail about this product

my wishlist before my graduation this year is just one :') purchase that hair clip ..
to make my graduation more perfect and made my day..
looking gorgeous on my special day that only happen once in my life time :')

im crying over and over again everytime i see that hair..
i'm really craving get that hair clip ..
wavy hair and fit with my brown hair ...
really gorgeous..

What is
Hairtrade is the first choice for luxury hair extensions and beauty.
From 100% human hair extensions, to hair care, cosmetics and accessories, you can find everything you need to create the hottest look for you.

What is most important motto?
Money back guarantee and also price match guarantee..
Money back guarantee: if you are unsatisfied with their product, and you have complain by using their beauty product.. your money will back, because they want keep their quality service to the customers..
Price match guarantee: they will offering to you about beauty product that match with money in your pocket.. now, money is not issues again for women to be beautiful and looks gorgeous.. bring solution for your pocket and also your needs about being beauty..

Where i can check their officially website?
go on hurry up check their website by click the link below..
click here

Promotion, banner & Links:

Thank you for reading my blog!
good luck everyone ..

Clara xx


  1. emg dijual di indo? hahah..
    di indo kalo mau beli musti yang dari jepang, bagussss

    1. ga jual sih.. tapi kan bisa beli online..
      shipping nanti kan di anterin .. wakakkakakakakak

      yang mereknya made in jepang ya?
      dicoba lah cari di pasar baru wakakakkakakak


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